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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hot Runner Technology In Molding

An introduction

The Hot Runner Technology (HRT) is an advanced and applied technology. The technique is lucrative more in injection molding. Certain providers of hot runner system noida have contributed to a great deal in optimization of product quality.

The hot runner technology lends a great deal of efficiency by increasing production, utilizing raw material, being energy effective and cutting down on the cost of production. Read on to find out how the hot runner technology in injection mold has been beneficial to the pet perform manufacturers in India. Several design instances technology in injection mold has supported the suitability of hot runner system.

It is important to note that the technology is applicable to the injection molds alone and not to all kind of plastic molds. However, hot runner system is applicable for a few types of thermoplastics.

Advantages of HRT

- Materials cost effective— no need to regrind or reprocess.  Less costly material  cost
- Lowering down energy costs, short and cycle times as there is no need to wait for   runners to cool down
- The small size of machines and reduced shot volume into runners
- The runners need not to be separated from the parts, the processing is automated Gates are stationed at the best of the strategic position for optimized economical design
- No runners to remove or regrind, thus no secondary work is needed
- Lower injection pressures
- Less clamping pressure
- Reduced cooling time
- Shot size reduced
- Cleaner and well maintained molding process
- Consistently constant  heat within the cavity

Disadvantages of HRT

- Hot runner molds are more complex and expensive to build than cold runner molds
- Escalated initial start-up costs than for cold runner systems
- Jeopardize sensitivity of materials causing thermal damage
- Extended temperature control is required which leads to delay in mold processing
- Higher maintenance costs which is more susceptible to breakdowns and heating   element failure