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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Future Of Injection Moulding Is Metal Injection Moulding

In the previous decade, both large and small injection moulding companies have witnessed shifting sands in the global business environment. Changes that tweak the moulding business environment are cost pressure from clients and relentless efforts to improve the productivity. Presently, more and more companies invest in cutting-edge tooling, automotive equipment and moulding machinery to gain competitive edge. Companies are hailing innovative, fresh assembly solutions at the moulding phase.

One such innovative moulding method is Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) that was introduced in the ‘70s. The beginning of MIM was a trifle shaky as the technology underwent several years of de-bugging. However, while ushering the 21st century, several moulding experts used the technology for overcoming their economic woes. 

Reasons that point MIM to be the future
  •     The technique has a market of $ 1 billion per annum
  •     The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the technique is slated to be 20 percent
  •     Such an exceptional growth of the technology is due to its cost-saving nature
  •     MIM cuts down the wastage of raw materials, which is common in conventional moulding
  •     The cycle time of MIM is reduced by 50 percent from that found in conventional moulding
MIM has become the primary growth factor for many technical players, belonging to firearm and medical sectors.  Also, the technology is accepted by Pet Preform Manufacturers in India churning out pet bottle moulds.

Which all sectors cherish MIM technique?
  •  Several firearm manufacturers herald the technology for manufacturing high volumes of sophisticated  weaponry. The technology saves oodles of resources that could be otherwise spent over high-priced gunsmithing and machining.
  •  Medical Equipment Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are utilizing the wonders of MIM   technique owing to its capacity to minimize cost.

The socioeconomic and microeconomic benefits of MIM make it an ideal solution to offer more value to clients.
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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Preform Molding: The Key To Cut Cost And Increase Flexibility

Preform and Bottle Development

PET systems having low cavity pet preform mold take minimal mold changeover time and cut the overall conversion costs. Indirectly though, we witness the wonders of Preform Molding technology on a regular basis.  The Preform Molding is used for shaping our everyday products ranging from cell phones to toys. Without Preform Molding, getting exactness in shapes of products was a wistful dream. The more complex geometries of products can be physically conceived by Preform Molding. For instance, the shape of a bottle is neither fish nor fowl – it is a cross between cylindrical and conical; such a shape is given to the bottle by using the marvels of Preform Molding.

Advantages Of Preform Molding:

  •  Cast away the manufacturing woes associated with a product having complex contours with the help of Preform Molding
  •   This molding technique not only helps in giving the product a desired shape, but also aids in making it looking visually appealing 
  • Some fresh developments are under process to make the Preform Molding an eco-friendly technology – the start is done by making such Preform Molds that are reusable and recyclable  
  The pet preform mold, which are made using Preform Molding, cools down and gets heated in no time

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